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Me taking issues into cheap MS Paint comic action, usually these Issues have nothing to do with me or the world but I still find a way to talk some smack about something.

January 6th, 2007, 12:02 pm


What Ever Sprite Comic..
What is it about?
once again, I've created a sprite comic series about nothing.. or have I? I'm going to take on all the "Do not do this, do not do that" into my sprite comics. I have PhotoShop and a lot of other programs to make my sprite comics look better but I'm only going to us MS Paint because the "Do Not" rules started with MS Paint comics.
Why are there no BGs?
For one, beginer Sprite Comic makers usually don't have any. And Since they try to make their own I will too. I can already make sprites from scratch and make some-what okay BGs from scratch as well.
Could I join this..?
I'm not sure if I'd want others to join, but if your a beginer then I might since you'll be dealing with harsh cridics more offten then me.
Why does it say "A new Low in Jewish History"
For one, I'm Jewish. Two, I think its funny.
...Your Jewish..?
How was Hanukka?
It was excell--- wait, your getting of the subject of "WESC"..
Well.. I don't have anyother questions..
Okay then..

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